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What is the warranty on Eastern Townships Docks products ?

Eastern Townships Docks warrants that ETD boat lifts and docks are free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty period for boat lifts and docks ( excluding brake winch and power unit ) is five ( 5 ) years from the date of purchase. The warranty period for the brake winch and power unit is two ( 2 ) years from the date of purchase.

During the warranty period, ETD will, at it’s discretion, repair or replace the defective product free of charge. However, if ETD determines that the warranty conditions have not been applied, the purchaser will be billed for the repair and shipping,

The warranty is subject to the following exceptions ;

– This warranty covers normal consumer use and does not cover abnormal operating conditions, abuse, accidents, excess weight, improper storage, maladjustment, neglect, poor assembling, poor installation.

– Damages caused by a repair or an attempt to repair by other than a service center authorized by ETD will void the warranty.

– Modifications or alterations of the products.

– An act of god.

– This warranty does not cover rust

– Damage done by water, salt water or ice.

– Alteration, defacing or removal of the serial number will void the warranty.

– Removal and reinstallation costs are not covered by this warranty.

What is the water height required to install a boat lift ?

With standard legs you can install your boat lift into 4′ of water. With th extension 6′ legs, you can install the lift in 6′ of water. It is not recommended to install a boat lift in more than 6′ of water as this couls unbalance the weight.

How to choose the right boat lift model ?

When choosing a boat lift for your boat, you must consider 2 things.

You must get the total weight of your boat, including motor, full gas tank and accessories. The capacity of the boat lift must exceed the total weight of your boat.

You must also get the width of your boat. As our boat lifts dont all have the same width, it is important to make sure the boat will be able to fit into the lift. We recommend 6” on either side of the boat to make getting in & out of the boat lift easier.

Which type of dock do I need ?

When choosing between a dock on posts or floating docks, you must know the depth of the water where you plan on installing the dock.

If you have less than 6′ of water depth, we recommend going with a dock on posts.


If you have more than 6′ of water depth, or if you water levels changes fast and without warning, we recommend a floating dock.

What type of wood is used on our docks ?

We use red cedar wood as decking for our docks. Our red cedar is a natural wood that has not received any chemical treatments. We recommend letting the wood age naturally, which means the wood will become grey over time, caused by the exposure to the sun.

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